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Lorelei Pepi, 2015Lorelei Pepi is an American animation artist whose work engages with issues of identity and representation, the sexual body, gender and LGBT issues. Using animation ‘s various forms, her materials and treatments range from the highly experimental to the character-driven narrative. Her material process and practice utilizes a blend of analog and digital processes and tools to create work that ranges from the highly experimental, lyrical and personal (Grace), socio-political  queer cartoon (Happy & Gay). Her newest work efforts are using animation and interactive installation, with the project-in-development, Docile Bodies.

Her work has revived numerous international film festival awards from audiences and juries, including Best of Festival recognitions. Fellowship and grant highlights include Creative Capital,  MacDowell, Harvard Film, and LEF Moving Image. Screenings include Sundance Frontier, Rotterdam, Siggraph Asia, Bilbao Documentary, Frameline, Ann Arbor, Ottawa Animation, Helsinki Shorts, Anim’Est Romania, the Portland Museum of Art and the ICA Boston. Her work exists in personal collections as well as the of the Canadian National Film Archives and the film archives of UCLA and CalArts. She attended Rhode Island School of Design (BFA) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA). She is currently an Asst. Professor of Animation at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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FILMOGRAPHY for Lorelei Pepi, Director

2014 “Happy & Gay”  // 00:10:16, 24fps NTSC 2D Digital, 4:3 stereo // Narrative, Character, Musical
Two couples go out for a rollicking night on the town in a “revisionist history” 1930’s b&w queer cartoon musical misadventure. The film takes up issues of stereotype, representation, censorship and homophobia.

2005 “Dem Bones Wiggle” // 00:01:00, 24fps NTSC Digital, 4:3 mono // Experimental, Musical
Pixilated animation skeleton dance set to Tiny Parham’s “Washboard Wiggle” 1932

2003 “Fortune Teller” // 0:02:30 24fps NTSC Digital/Multi-Media, 4:3 mono // Experimental
interactive installation; animated media, tent, kiosk, soft sculpture, printed material

1998,  “Grace” // 0:06:30 24fps 16mm 1.33:1 mono // Experimental
The transformations of balance and imbalance between flesh and soul; multi-media

Film Awards

“Happy & Gay” Screenings and Awards
Jury Award for Best Animation: Rio Gay Festival du Cinema, Brazil, 2015
Jury Award for Best Short Film: Les Gai CineMad: Madrid LGBT Film Fest; 2014
Jury Award for Best Animation: Atlanta Out On Film Festival; Atlanta Georgia USA; ; 2015
Audience Award: Atlanta Out On Film Festival Nov, 2014, Atlanta Georgia USA; 2014
Award for Best Animation: Image+Nation LGBT Cinema Festival, Montreal; 2015
Special Mention, Can[Be] Gay, Festival de Cine LGBTIQ de Canarias; 2015

“Grace” Screenings and Awards
Grand Prix “Best of Festival,” Student Animation Festival of Ottawa 1999 (SAFO) // Grace
2nd Place, Experimental Film, The World Animation Celebration // Grace
2nd Grand Prize, “High Risk”, Fantoche  1999 Baden, Switzerland // Grace
2nd Place, Experimental Film, The World Animation Celebration // Grace
2nd Prize, Experimental Film, Big Muddy Film Festival, Experimental Shorts // Grace
2nd Place, Exp Film Award, SXSW, Experimental Shorts // Grace
Special Jury Prize , Holland Animation Festival // Grace
Director’s Citation, Black Maria // Grace
Honorable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival // Grace

Selection of Film Festivals and Exhibitions, Competitve and non-Competitive Participation

Special Programming
Queers in Shorts, Cambridge UK 2015, public conversations event
Cine Radicals, Santiago Chile 2015, gallery public night, www.radicales.cl 2015
Asterisco Itinerante, Chile, Embassy Touring Program on LGBT Human Rights 2015
Diversanima, touring Chile and Latin America (various)
“The Kids Are Alright”, Ottawa Animation Festival, Ottawa CAN 2013
“Best Of”, Fantoche Animation Festival, Baden, Switzerland, 2012
“New England Animators” Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston; curator, Branka Bogdanov, MA 2009
“International Animated Film Festival of Catalonia” ; Animac Festival; Catalonia, Spain 2007
“When Animation Meets the Living”; Wissembourg 2011, Zagreb 2007, Cinematheque Quebecoise 2006, Annecy 2006
“Words In Motion” / Transformation” Ottawa Animation Festival, CAN 2004
“Scratch / Scratching the Sex” Rotterdam Film Festival, 2001
“Roratorio for Paris/Berlin” Independent Exposure, 2001
“Best of MadCat” MadCat USA Tour, 2000
“Next Sex: Sex in the Age of Its Procreative Superfluousness” Ars Electronica / Mix NY, 2000

“Happy & Gay” SCREENINGS, Official Selection in Competition
Siggraph Asia (Shenzen, China) Nov, 2014 Shenzen China 2014
ANIMATOR / 2015 The 8th International Animated Film Festival, Poland, Poznan 2014
Image+Nation LGBT Cinema Festival, Montreal 2014
InsideOut Toronto 2014
In&Out LGBT Film festival 2014
Bilbao Festival of Documentary & Short Films-ZINEBI, Spain 2014
Festival Int’l Derechos Humanos y Cine Venezuela, Venezula  2014
Merlinka Int’l Queer Film Festival, Belgrade 2014
Diversanima, Film Festival of Sexual Diversity, Santiago Chile 2014 www.diversanima.cl
Anim’Est Int’l Animation Film Festival, Romania 2014
Atlanta Out On Film Festival, USA 2014
Atlantic Film Festival, Nova Scotia 2014
Athens AnimFest, Greece 2014
Boston LGBT Film Festival 2014
Holebi Queer Film Festival, Germany 2014
Can[Be]Gay: Festival Int’l de CineLGBTIQ de Canarias, Canary Islands 2014
La Asociación de Mujeres de Urdaibai Kukubedarra, Spain 2014  kukubedarra.blogspot.com
Frameline39: San Fran Int’l LGBT Film Festival 2015
Asterisco Festival Internacional de Cine de LGBTIQ, Argentina 2015 www.festivalasterisco.gob.ar
Roze FilmDagen, Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Holland 2015
Turin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Italy 2015
Vancouver Int’l Women in Film Festival 2015
Torino LGBT Film Festival, Italy 2015
Women in Film Festival, Florida US 2015
ANIMATE 2015, Poland 2015
Curadoria e Direção do Rio Festival Gay de Cinema 2015
Alice Springs Pride Carnivale Screenings 2015
Festival de Cine de la Diversidad 2015
Homochrom Film Festival, Germany 2015 www.homochrom.de
InDPanda International Film Festival, Hong Kong 2015
El Lugar Sin Limites, Festival Internacional de Cine LGBTI Ecuador 2015 www.elugarsinlimites.net
Feminist and Queer International Film Festival, Romania, Bucharest 2015  http://faqiff.ro
Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival 2015 http://www.reelingfilfmestival.org
ReelQ, Pittsburgh LGBT Film Fest 2015  www.ReelQ.org
Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland 2015 http://ww.hlef.fi
Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival, Sardinia 2015  www.usnexpo.it/
Florence LGBT Film Festival: VideoQueer 2015, Florence Italy 2015 www.florencequeerfestival.it
Darwin Pride Festival, Australia 2015 www.darwinpride.com.au/
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Washington USA 2015 www.threedollarbillcinema.org
Vinokino LGBT Film Festival, Finland 2015  www.vinokino.fi/en/home
Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival, N. Dakota USA 2015 www.fmlgbtff.com/
Chaplin Film Festival, Ireland 2015 chaplinfilmfestival.com
Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest, Puerto Rico USA 2015  www.puertoricoqueerfilmfest.com
Melbourne Queer Film Festival   2016 http://www.mqff.com.au/

“Grace” SCREENINGS, selections
Sundance, Rotterdam International, Oberhausen, Annecy 2000, Holland Animation, Ottawa 2000 ,The World Animation Celebration, Big Muddy, SXSW, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Göteberg, Images du Nouveau Monde/Quebec, Images International, Ars Electronica, American Film Institute, MadCat, International Student Animation Festival of Ottowa, Fantoche, Festival International du Nouveau Cinema et des Nouveaux Medias de Montreal, Anima Mundi, International Leipzig Festival for Documentary, MIX NYC, LA Outfest,