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And HOW!

Posted on September 13, 2013

Here’s a shot that takes place in the hotel lobby where our main characters live. They’re about to go out dancing together.

“Happy & Gay” lobby scene from Lorelei Pepi on Vimeo.

“Happy & Gay” has the conceptual goal to bring out an awareness and focus on the intentional exclusion of the positive LGBT character in the early Hollywood cartoon. Negative stereotypes were plentiful, however! The politically aware 1960’s caused the complete removal of a large collection of offensive cartoons, with 11 of those being what historians considered important and significant animation achievements. During this rush to hide the offensive materials, there was never, ever any consideration of the negative stereotype depictions of LGBT as wrong or offensive. So, these continued to be part of the mainstream collection available to all audience.

In my film “Happy & Gay,” I cast positive LGBT characters and include those negative LGBT negative stereotypes, as well as the negative ones of other races and ethnicities. This is about context. One of the questions that I hope to provoke is “Which stereotype(s) do you find disturbing, and which are “okay” to maintain?” And then the eventual next question, “And why is that?”