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Docile Bodies: R & D 3

Posted on June 20, 2016

There are some amazingly great resources for engaging the Kinect V2 and Unity 3D, which is why I’ve elected to use tools together. The brilliance of people and companies that d this work and make it available is a big plus for me as an artist. Cosmo’s work here is focused on analyzing these pre-made codes and methods, and then modifying/re-writing and problem solving specifically for this project’s goals. He’s also doing a lot of work in preparing the models I’ve obtained for the purposes of this project. Because they come from all over the internet, there’s a lot of “fixing” to get them to all be conducive for this project. An essential part of this project is looking at these online commodities, these bodies of economic trade, so by necessity they come from the acts of buying, trading, an finding what other’s have made.

The role of how the female body is commodified and exploited, especially child females, is a serious issue. The project’s engaging with this horrifying virtual world where bought-and-sold avatars of women exist. As an animator, I’m interested in the manufacturing of these bodies and identities, as well as their subsequent use online.

3D web store screenshot

3D web store screenshot