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Awesome Intern, Joanna Lin!

Posted on November 11, 2013

I’ve had the benefit of having wonderful interns work with me on my film project over the course of my film’s (Happy & Gay) production. This semester, I have RISD animation junior, Joanna Lin, assisting me with post-production processing. She’s facilitating the publishing and compositing, effects application and rendering out of all shots. We’re using After Effects, and I’ve long ago run all of my tests to secure the settings for those effects and processes. I used a grant from RISD to test an output to 35mm film to see how those effects would translate, and it looked great. The intention is to distribute in both digital AND film format, so the output variables are rather extensive. (35mm film print is to fit the conceptual intention of the film, which is to work as a revisionist history document. See here.)

Joanna was already known to me because of having had her in a course I offered to non-FAV (film-animation-video) “Digital Integration Techniques for Animation.” Joanna discovered that time-based work suited her really well, so she asked to join our ranks in FAV, which is to our benefit! As an intern, Joanna brings an excellent set of skills and attitude, and I’m relying completely on her to assist me with this process. It’s making a HUGE and POSITIVE difference in my production.

Joanna has a wonderfully unique way of exploring the world through animation, film and textiles. She’s used her passion for textiles and fiber arts as influence in her time-based work. She has a website here! Check out a few of her accomplishments here:

Joanna Lin, "Happy & Gay" Intern

Joanna Lin, “Happy & Gay” Intern

Clothing and Textile Wearables by Joanna Lin