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when it’s ruff

Posted on May 28, 2012


It’s SO FABuLOUS to now have my own animating time! School and the freelance job are both wound up now, and it’s time for my OWN FILM!

Here’s an example of a recent ruff shot. The four main characters are responding to the church congregation booing and throwing things (including bible) at them (they JUST found out that these dogs ‘n cats are GAY!)

“Ruff” animation in this instance is showing keyframes, or the main poses, only. The poses are drawn with less detail so they look, you guessed it, rough. Ruff…. This is to keep the animator focused on performance, timing, pure movement and basic proportions. If you draw with lots of detail right away, it makes the drawings too tight, too committed, and you’re less likely to be just paying attention to the basic movement of the shapes.