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Women in Tech Arts 2

Posted on July 5, 2016

I’ve benefitted greatly from the super tutorials that these two people have provided online. Sharing!

Their tutorials are for using the Kinect V2 and Unity to perform interactive Gesture Control. The human left hand controls the movement of a 3D cube.

Computer with: Unity 5, Kinect for Windows Unity Package

“Kinect for Windows Unity Package”

This contains all kinds of scripts and more for using the Kinect V2 with Unity.

  1. Scroll down the webpage and find Unity Pro add-ons
  2. Unity Pro Packages > KinectForWindows_UnityPro_2.0.1410, DOWNLOAD
  3. Package includes essentials for Unity Kinect partnering
    1. Green Screen
    2. Kinect View
    3. Kinect 2.0
    4. Face
    5. Visual.Gesture.Builder
    6. ReadMe


She doesn’t do these tutorials anymore, but they’re recent and this one was SUPER helpful. It was built on PeteD’s written out tutorial http://peted.azurewebsites.net/kinect-4-windows-v2-unity-3d/ PeteD’s finished version file of the following tutorial can be downloaded at http://1drv.ms/1tyKlIT. The only thing his doesn’t do is implement is the multiplier of the movement amount, but he does include pos.Z for movement of the cube.) Kris Rothe’s version is perhaps a little code-tidier in one section, but is otherwise almost the same.

Gesture Control with Kinect and Unity “made easy”
by Kristina Rothe (Micrsft / Tobii)

This following tutorial can be accomplished without the Kinect hardware/software up until the final “test your game” mode. It does involve using the SCRIPTS folder from the Kinect for Windows Unity Package. Going through this will help to demonstrate how to implement the Kinect and use a body part to affect a GameObject.

Explicit walkthrough of how to control a game object with the hand. Demonstrates by creating a “game” of moving a cube by tracking the user’s hand position. She then shows how to modify the cube range of response (degree of motion increase in relation to hand gesture)

<iframe src=”https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/2p-start/Gesture-Control-with-Kinect-and-Unity-made-easy/player” width=”960″ height=”540″ allowFullScreen frameBorder=”0″></iframe>


Kat V Harris has GREAT SUPPORT MATERIALS for Gesture Control Kinect and Unity. She’s super thorough and addresses the essential overview as well as needed details.
GitHub: KatVHarris > Unity5-KinectGestures
page includes links to other plug-ins
@katvharris twitter


Gesture Builder (Microsoft SDK Kinect V2)
The Kinect SDK (downloaded software from Microsoft so you can run your Kinect V2 through your computer.) has Gesture Builder, which allows you yo record a specific gesture, refine it, and use it in a compiled a library. You can then use these controlling gestures for the Unity “game” you’re making.

It’s essential that any import and install of Microsoft Kinect / Unity package files must be done in a defined ORDER. Kat walks you through it really well. It’s not complicated, but the order is important.