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My creative work has been centered on animation filmmaking, bringing concept and material into motion and performance. The most recent developments are interactive installation, bringing spatial narrative into a real world experience.

Docile Bodies (password protected page) is conceived of as an interactive spatial narrative installation about the frequently violent and power driven economy of bodies that exists within real and virtual world cultures. Sex, desire, gender identity and power struggles are key themes in this economic trade that exploits the female body and identity as an object to be bought, sold and owned.

The project creates an installation of a quest-game environment in order to call attention to this issue of female representation in online gaming resources. This installation takes place in the real world space in order to place the visitor’s actual body and actions in relation to these virtual bodies and spaces. The physicality of the experience is to explore the emotional and evocative experience for a viewer when navigating narrative material with the real body in relation to “non-real” characters.

“Happy and Gay” is a revisionist history document reflecting the form of a 1930’s-styled cartoon musical misadventure. Two couples (friends) go out for a fun night on the town! This film’s goal as a “revisionist history” work is aimed at responding to acts of censorship, prejudice and stereotype by re-placing a positive representation of gay and lesbian characters into the narrative. I think of this as a document that could not exist at the time it references because of dominant social, cultural, and religious moral codes of the time.

Enact: Mt. Oberlins Apology came as a response to an invitation to form a response to a conceptual curation, the 1970 Art In the Mind exhibition at Oberlin College. I chose to focus on the farcical proposals for heroic efforts to accomplish impossible things.

Grace is an experimental animation exploring phases of my own sexuality, unconscious responses and archetypal imagery.

Dem Bones Wiggle is a pixillation film of dancing skeletons, shimmying to Tiny Parham’s musical score.

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