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Docile Bodies, WIP

This is my current work-in-progress. Within the 3D virtual environment, skins speak, bodies transform and jerk in their routines of gendered exercises, violence is affected anonymously, and the virtual female’s body is manufactured, modified, bought, sold and utilized.

Docile Bodies is conceived of as an interactive spatial narrative installation about the driven economy of virtual female bodies that exists within online and gaming world environments. Sex, desire, money, gender identity and power are key themes in this economic trade that exploits the female body and identity as an object to be bought, sold and owned.

_body parts demo image

The work is currently in production development, sorting the technologies that will facilitate the blend of animation, installation and interactivity. The role of the viewer’s own body, gaze and general behaviour is the essential involvment, bringing the human visitor into the experience more directly with the virtual female’s economic body and “self.”