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Docile Bodies

Docile Bodies is the current creative project and research that’s underway. The creative project portion is conceived of as trans-media environment focused on the thingification of the young, female sexual body, which is being used as a virtual object of exchange and currency. There are many 3D model suppliers and supply sites marketing these hyper-sexualized manufactured females, and the economy is sustained and defined by the anonymous buyers that desire and purchase them. Caught up within this is the representation of sexualized young girls, who are often the unfortunate source of fantasy for male predators.

The project is conceived of as a trans-media interactive environment. The primary manifestation of this is an interactive animation installation environment (real space gallery) that includes sensor systems that trigger avatar (virtual body personas) engagement and responses to the presence and activities of the human viewers in the environment. This exhibition environment will also include media work that engages and responds to targeted online data flow related to the project topic, such as online search terms and social media posts.

Body, self, sex power, gender, economy, distribution and labour are key themes for this project responding to this set of problems.

The project also addresses the evacuation and objectification of the fetishized virtual female body, and how to undo this while re-associating the life and presence of the real female to the virtual female body as object. The outcome is that the signifier and the signified are at a meeting area, providing conflict and contradiction of object and Being, fantasy and reality, self and no-self.

Another important aspect of the project is to trigger direct interactive engagement of the human viewer with the virtual female. By progressively mixing mutually interactive activities, across the real and virtual world spaces, the efforts are intended to move the human and virtual female across their borders to cultivate an active, mutual acknowledgement of each other’s presence and activity. The aim is to activate the identity of the virtual female as being something more than a virtual object, and this empty gap between valuation of self vs non-self, real vs non-real may be made much smaller, if not actually closed.


The “art and craft” of 3D model making is the back-end of this economy. This is the location of manufacturing, production, and processing for corporeal assets, such as skins, eyes, hair, teeth, tongues, breasts and feet. The “female object” is made here. These object bodies are provided as simulations of females evacuated of selfhood and determination. Distributed and sold through 3D model supply sites, they are purchased and downloaded for use. It is then that troubled minds will use the same tools as the 3D model manufacturers, inserting the anima of simulated life into these young girl objects, so they will do and obey.

_body parts demo image

Project development focus is currently on the interactivity aspects for the “real world” installation aspects, which uses sensors and media projections and screens, objects and spatial design. The project’s prototyping work is establishing the use of a variety of sensors that can read and export data to Unity3D game engine. The sensors are using data such as body position, gesture, simulated remote gaze tracking and the bio-feedback of breath control. Once data is read and processed, the animated media is triggered to play from within the Unity3D gaming environment, appearing in the various screens and projections.