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specs: 1998, 16mm, 6.5 min, color, sound

grace_torso_medium headonfire_medium peep_hole_medium

“In Grace, Lorelei Pepi weaves a dark, dense tapestry of elemental images which serve to bathe and enfold her photographed female forms caught in quiet moments of revery, ecstasy and death. Clearly belonging in the incantory realm of Maya Deren, yet owing much to the layering techniques of Pat O’Neill, Grace draws one into a kind of mute collusion…” George Griffin, animation filmmaker

My MFA thesis work Grace, was in part conceptually inspired by the French philosopher Henri Bergsonā€™s theories of Time as fractionate and infinitesimal. The structural concerns of Grace were pursuing questions of fractured, invisible time and representations of form and motion. The deeper and more personal subject pursued issues of flesh, mortality, and sexuality. I worked with an actress, optical printing, projection, under-the-camera, and stop-motion animation.

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